1. Inver

  2. Loch Tay Boat Song

  3. Future Melancholy Pop Music
    Johnno Casson aka Snippet

  4. Sorrows and Glories
    Red Moon Road

  5. Nothing In The Desert (EP)
    Paul Mosley and the red meat orchestra featuring Jamie Lawson

  6. For The Moon
    The Driftwood Manor

  7. The Butcher
    Paul Mosley

  8. Islands
    The Cosmic Array

  9. Dear Ones
    The Cosmic Array

  10. Astrophysics Saved My Life
    Rivers of England

  11. Melody Cycle
    Jack and the'

  12. A Tale Untold
    Louise Le May

  13. Exposition Universelle

  14. Glass Fool
    Kaurna Cronin

  15. Odessey and Oracle and The Casiotone Orchestra
    Odessey & Oracle

  16. Arced

  17. The Leidenfrost Effect
    Jude C Montague & Wim Oudijk

  18. Tonight, We All Swim Free
    Martin Callingham

  19. Aéropop Revisited
    Alexander von Mehren

  20. Still The Heart
    The Phil Langran Band

  21. Songs for Sinfonietta
    Valeska Gavotte

  22. The Sunshine EP (Remixed)

  23. Aérosuite (Sean O'Hagan Remix - The House That Jack Built)
    Alexander von Mehren

  24. The Sunshine EP

  25. Communion (Single)
    Rebecca Clamp & Matti Keltanen

  26. Welcome to The Golden Age of Everything

  27. Me You You Me
    Daniel Carlson

  28. Of Trivial and Gargantuan
    Rivers of England

  29. Songs of Gold and Shadow
    Cleo T

  30. The Cosmic Array
    The Cosmic Array

  31. Jealous Angels
    Daisy Chapman

  32. Easier Sung Than Said
    Mark David Roberts

  33. Shameless Winter (Single)
    Daisy Chapman

  34. Aéropop
    Alexander von Mehren

  35. Houses/The Cunning Folk
    Laurence Made Me Cry

  36. Quiet Town
    Roger Tarry

  37. Tiny Ghosts

  38. Spring Dawn Glow
    No Thee No Ess

  39. Traps
    Joyce The Librarian

  40. A Chattering of Birds
    Paul Mosley

  41. The Sword and the Shield / Botanica
    Valeska Gavotte

  42. Obituaries

  43. I Saw Energy

  44. Shameless Winter
    Daisy Chapman

  45. Kid McCoy

  46. Taken In For Christmas
    Daniel Maitland & Tim Palmer

  47. Barbie & Ken (EP)
    Jude Cowan & Wim Oudijk

  48. They May Put Land Between Us
    Joyce The Librarian

  49. Window Shopping
    Johnno Casson

  50. Dylan Mondegreen
    Dylan Mondegreen

  51. Follow Me I'm Right Behind You
    Joyce The Librarian

  52. Saw You In Two (Single)
    Woven Bird

  53. Vacation (A Pop Manifesto)
    Jack and The'

  54. The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs About Love
    Mr & Mrs Muffins

  55. Thick Skin
    Audrey Ryan

  56. Lights Over The Lake
    No Thee No Ess

  57. Summon The Crows
    Nimming Ned

  58. This Is Essex
    Johnno Casson

  59. Jukebox Love Songs, Leaving Blues, Border Crossings & Lovers’ Laments
    The Phil Langran Band

  60. Shut Up and Listen

  61. Tree
    Wim Oudijk

  62. I Know, I Know
    Audrey Ryan

  63. Children Of Men
    Daniel Maitland

  64. Human Cry
    John Southworth

  65. Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey

  66. The Stargazer's Symphonium
    Marvin B Naylor

  67. Continental

  68. Silhouette Man
    Jezz Hall

  69. Reflections of an Illusion
    Andy Whittle

  70. Rumours of a Nice Day
    Daniel Maitland

  71. Aviary Jackson

  72. Take A Look At The Sea
    If Wen


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